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I'm Mehdi Esfandiyari

I believe The growth and even survival of any business is in having a good plan and how to implement it. Be prepared for even the disaster case scenarios

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I am Mehdi Esfandiari, a graduate of Strategic Management from the University of Tehran and a PhD student in Business Management. My interest in examining the challenges in the industry and production led me to have a detailed study in the industry and market of petrochemical and refinery products with the establishment of Asia Petro Company as ceo . I believe that businesses can hardly grow and develop with the old parameters, so I am looking for new growth and development factors for manufacturers through and continuous research. Using my knowledge and experience, I try to carefully examine the components that affect the development of businesses. My passion as a member of the Iranian Management Association and a member of the Chamber of Commerce helped companies discover new markets and monitor new offsets.

Customer Needs Analysis
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving

My specialties

I specialize in the following fields

Market development

Market research, discovery and evaluation of opportunities and offering new goods and services, etc.

Strategy planning

Examining the external and internal environment, opportunities and environmental threats and internal strengths and weaknesses, ...

Market analysis

Quantitative and qualitative interest in the market, industry, customer review, competition and ...

My Resume

My resume and degrees are as follows

My Education


Master of Strategic Management from the University of Tehran


PhD Student in Business Administration

This is a title

Holds a degree in Strategic Planning from the University of Copenhagen



CEO of Asia Petro Radis


Development market for manufacturers of hydrocarbon products


Consulting services to provide sales company and improve profitability performance


in the field of management Provide management training and forums


My clients’ opinions during my career

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